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Hello #tripleMeffect and friends! Its hump day and I hope you’ve had a great one.  Can you believe we’re twenty days away from Christmas, my favorite time of the year.  What are you doing to fuel the giant in you?  Where does your passion lies?  What commitment have you made to building the best version of you?  Champions are undisputed winners and I see that in you.  When you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Are you inspired or insulted by the results?  Let’s start with habits.  Do your habits promote or stunt growth?  Channeling your champion requires daily commitment to improve, empower, and propel in the underdeveloped and yet to be areas. The moves must be consistent if we want to experience growth and change.

Time is precious and should be treated as such.  Are you maximizing the twenty four hours?  Awakening two hours prior to leaving my home positions me to focus on the pending, doable, and existing areas of my life.  It affords opportunity to sit before my own level of consciousness prior to having conversations with others.  The privilege to create an environment specifically for me has become a daily treasure.  Making the first stop my connection with my higher power, whom I call God.  Taking the time to prepare breakfast and be exposed by someone else’s gift of motivation sets the necessary morning pieces in place.  How much time do you spend  outside the bathroom most mornings?  I’m a firm believer we must self invest before mutually investing.  We can’t adequately receive what we don’t have and give away what doesn’t exists.  What do work hours look like for you?  Are they maximized? Is focusing a challenge or a part of the daily itinerary?  The conversations you have throughout the day, do they leave you inspired?  I’ve presented this challenge before, assess the three people you spend the most time talking to.  Who are they? Do they multiply or divide?  Do you learn from the interactions? Something to think about.

Growth requires resources, tools, mindset, belief, and determination.  Winning is a spirit not an outcome, birthed from within.  Its a personal choice and a conviction to move, maintain, and master what you want to succeed and soar.  Have you experienced setbacks?  Of course you have, we all have.  However, how we handle the setbacks determine the set up for our success.  Don’t allow NO to determine your destiny, rather use it as motivation to press forward.  If you lack resources and support, hang in there.  Don’t give power to what’s absence more than you believe in what’s on the way.  Do something daily to keep you motivated, read material that inspires, and connect with a coach/mentor who’s equipped to journey with you.  Giving up, throwing in the towel, and turning back are not champion moves.  Stay committed to vision and trust the visionary in you.

You are a next level person.  Do what’s needed to expand and don’t fear the process, sometimes we have to do it afraid.  I’ve heard amazing success stories come from the unthinkable.  We walk forward daily, therefore, our thoughts have to move forward as well.  Made a mistake? Lost an investment? Had a failed business? Struggled with self doubt?  Its okay, you’re still in position to do the exceedingly and abundantly.  Don’t have a pity party or conclude you’ve failed.  How you think dictates how you feel and execute, be careful where you place energy.   Tap into your gift and embrace your purpose.  You’re up to bat, the bases are load, and there’s two strikes, make your champion move.  I’m cheering for you!

Monica A. Swayne is the CEO of Monica A. Swayne, LCSW, LLC, a consulting firm in the Central Georgia area. She’s an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer, blogger, author, and thinking partner with a background in clinical social work, public speaking, and training. Monica has a passion for helping people connect with potential. She enjoys writing to inspire and motivate people toward growth and change. Monica is humbled by opportunities to walk in purpose and add value to others. Visit her @

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