Hello #tripleMeffect community and friends.  We’re less than one month away from Christmas, can you believe it?  I love this time of year.  It has become time to reflect, restore, and rejuvenate.  I hope you’re excited about the upcoming New Year and what it has in store.  We also know this time to be difficult for some.  However, this week I want to share practical ways to be available for yourself.  Too many times, we place everything in front of our self-care and its not a healthy move.  My goal this week is to inspire from a place where you and God dwells.  Be committed to the cause more than the concern about life dynamics and matters.  Let’s talk about YOU.

How do you stay inspired mentally?  Are your thoughts in a good place?  Is positive mindset a chore or a commitment.  We have to be careful with self talk, thoughts, and how we process.  How’s your belief system?  Does it waver or is it steady?  We have to be our own life long cheerleaders.  We must be convicted to cheer when no one else does.  Strategize when we feel things are sinking.  Be determined even in the midst of distractions.  We must show up for ourselves in order to stay inspired.  Compliments and cudos are good but if we don’t believe in what we feel, what’s been said carries no significance.

How do you feel about you?  What do you think about the person you meet in the mirror daily?  Is self love a daily practice?  Do you know how to make your heart smile?  Are you in touch with your joy?  Think on these things.  People struggle daily with self reflections and discoveries.  Believe it or not, there are people that don’t have a clue about how they feel about themselves.  Therefore, they seek approval and permission from others to be happy.  Loving yourself may be a chore for some but its doable for all.  Appreciating who you are and anticipating who you have the potential to be is priceless.  Don’t allow anything or anyone to have authority over how you should feel about yourself.  Your mission is not to self destruct but to be self determined.  There are things in life we need that can only be acquired by our ability to do the “inside” work consistently and with courage.

How to you respond to opinions about you?  Do you cringe when criticized?  Do the thoughts of others disappoint you?  Have you avoided opportunities because of fear of what “they” would say? Someone once said, its not what they call you, its what you answer to.  I know situations and people can seem harsh at times.  However,  I want to empower and encourage you to stay intentional about being available for you.  It can feel awkward to do but you’re worth it! Stand on what you believe and avoid taking responsibility for someone’s opinion of you.  Its a toxic place for you to land, so avoid this flight anytime it “tries” to be scheduled in your life.  Through all you’ve experienced, your life has purpose and its bound for something great if you believe.  Don’t allow stumbling blocks to label or conclude where you’re going.  Instead, allow them to influence the next thought, move, and step in a positive way.  I’m not sharing what I’ve read, I’m encouraging you through what I’ve experienced.  I love to share hope, because I’ve been hopeless.  I love to empower others to strive through my testimony of being empty.  I love to cheer for the success of others, because I’ve been in cheerless situations.  I love to inspire and pray for transformation because someone did it for me.  Be available for all that you are and hope to be.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made, scars and all.  Be bold about what you believe and never give up on what we call YOU.  I’m your unconditional cheerleader, victory looks good on YOU.

Monica A. Swayne is the CEO of Monica A. Swayne, LCSW, LLC, a consulting firm in the Central Georgia area. She’s an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer, blogger, author, and thinking partner with a background in clinical social work, public speaking, and training. Monica has a passion for helping people connect with potential. She enjoys writing to inspire and motivate people toward growth and change. Monica is humbled by opportunities to walk in purpose and add value to others. Visit her @

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