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Hello #tripleMeffect community and friends!  Its hard to believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and Christmas is next month.  Where did the time go?  I pray you’ve been having fun.  As we approach the holiday season, I’m constantly thinking about my earthly heroes and sheroes.  The people who consider me daily in prayer, come without being called, cheer loud, judge not, and love unconditionally.  They don’t come in large numbers but once we’re blessed with them, we attempt to keep them close.

We’re constantly meeting people daily and some introductions are impressive. We’ve engaged professionally and personally and it felt like we’d known the person(s) forever.  When you take a look at the people around you, are you seeing a picture of health or sickness?  Do you feel empowered when you’re engaged? Are you influenced to seek and search for better?  I hope you responded yes.  Inner circles must be assessed before being assigned.  This position is close to your head, heart, and soul.  Therefore, access can’t be granted to just anyone.  If you’re a spiritual being, petitioning for discernment is a powerful move.  Let’s say your circle is not as healthy as it needs to be.  No worries, adjustments and additions are options and in some situations, deletions.  Don’t be afraid to build what helps you grow and connect to great examples.  Often times choosing well, places you in a category where you have to stand alone.  This may sounds scary but its even scarier not to attempt.

Healthy people talk TO people and not about them.  They seek to connect during communication and avoid confusion and chaos.  Healthy people are in touch with who they are and don’t feel intimidated to share or show others their gift or talent.  They seek solution and not the need to be right.  Cheering for others is not a challenge and they seek to do and be better.  Healthy people speak without judgment and don’t take issue with being accountable for behavior.  The heart of healthy people doesn’t hate or envy.  They seek to use love as an action verb without motive or ill will.

If you’re unsure about the people you’re currently connected with (professionally or personally,) here are a few helpful tips:

  • Assess how they treat themselves and others.
  • Assess if they’re in touch with who they are and happy with the results.
  • Observe frequency of gratitude displayed.
  • Monitor primary behavior and determine if its likeable or lacks integrity.
  • Determine if they cheer the same in your absence and presence.
  • See what they value most…possessions or experiences.
  • Identify if the commitment outweighs concerns.
  • Assess character is times of trouble.
  • See if the commitment consistent or convenient.

Daily, I attempt to be the example I want to experience.  Say things that impact others in a positive way and pray for known and unknown causes.  I’m blessed with healthy people in my life.  They’re a blessing sometimes I feel I don’t deserve and I honor them with the conviction, commitment, and compliance.  My challenge to you this week it to hold your healthy people close.  If you don’t have access in your life at this time, no worries.  Take a step to love you enough and follow tips to assess, acquire, and evolve with the people and experiences you deserve.  Being an emotionally healthy person is an inside job, I’m cheering in your journey and high fiving what you’ll discover.  You got this! Go for it!

Monica A. Swayne is the CEO of Monica A. Swayne, LCSW, LLC, a consulting firm in the Central Georgia area. She’s an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer, blogger, author, and think partner with a background in clinical social work, public speaking, and training. Monica has a passion for helping people connect with potential and self-empowerment. She enjoys writing to inspire and motivate people toward growth and change. Monica is humbled by opportunities to walk in purpose and add value to others. Visit her @

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