Hello #tripleMeffect community and friends!  I hope your week has been mind blowing and head shaking.  You ARE assigned and equipped to make it happen!  Today is election day and we’ll patiently await the outcome to see how leadership looks in the respective states moving forward.  I’ve voted and prayed for the candidates and I believe the outcome will be what its suppose to be.  So today, I’m channeling my energy towards the  daily “vote” I cast on my life and environment: HAPPINESS.  We know happiness is an inside job, birthed in the heart and saturated in the soul.

Working in social services over two decades, I had the privilege of working with people who had lost happiness, trying to discover it, or didn’t know what it felt like.  Happiness, I believe is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  So many are living without it.  A few years ago, I facilitated a workshop and I asked this question:  “What does your happiness looks like?  It was amazing to hear so much external things.  What I was really looking for was a connection to consciousness, solid emotions, mindset molding on steroids, and great thoughts affirmed without challenge.  Well, when I broke the question down and some had to approach differently, it became a challenge.  What we learned during this time was some people connect to what makes them happen while others are oblivious to the WHY factor.

Do you communicate with happy people?  Are you speaking happy language?  Does your behavior emulates happiness?  Do you smile more than you frown?  Does your alone time lifts your spirit?  Does your heart laughs frequently?  Happiness can’t be purchased, financed, or borrowed.  It dwells in the place or places, we allow.   When you look at your life, are you happy with what you see?  Well, if not are you willing to do something about it?We’ve all heard the phrase, hurt people hurt people.  Well, happy people can detect happy people. We’re living in a time where emotions and thoughts are easily triggered.  However, the power lies in how we respond to the triggers.  We HAVE the power to respond in ways that work well for our peace and happiness.

Be determined to be the best version of yourself daily.  Cheer when no one else does, smile if you have to smile alone, love unconditionally, connect to your level of consciousness that desires happiness, feed your soul healthy emotional food, and protect what you listen to as well as what you say.  Walk in integrity, even when its unpopular.  Connect with people who add and multiply.

For those that are searching for happiness, look within.  That’s where its birthed and sustained.  Avoid pity parties and thinking happiness is not for you.  Its for everyone who seeks it.  Try new things, read new books, have a first time experience, journal, or perhaps maximize “me moments.”  Let’s not forget to remember deeper barriers to happiness.  In such situations, you must forgive, let go, grieve, lose to gain, and transitional thinking.  It sounds hard I’m sure, however, remember this.  Anything we keep working at will eventually work out.  Awareness and consistency is the key to change.  We must be intentional about both.

On this election day, I want you in additional to personal choices to cast your ballot for HAPPINESS.  You deserve it, believe in it, and be blessed by it.  I ‘m cheering for you all the way.  Happiness looks good on you, I dare you to wear it well.

Monica A. Swayne is the CEO of Monica A. Swayne, LCSW, LLC, a consulting firm in the Central Georgia area. She’s an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer, blogger, author, and think partner with a background in clinical social work, public speaking, and training. Monica has a passion for helping people connect with potential and self-empowerment. She enjoys writing to inspire and motivate people toward growth and change. Monica is humbled by opportunities to walk in purpose and add value to others. Visit her @

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