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Ready to Master the Plan to Dissolve Limited Thinking?
Monica A. Swayne, Owner and CEO
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Let’s Transform Your Doubts Into Determination
Let’s Activate.
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Let’s Face the Giant and Expose Your Greatness.
Monica A. Swayne, LCSW
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Your NEW Journey Begins Today! Daily Motivation by Monica!


Monica A. Swayne maximizes opportunities to help individuals identify and overcome barriers to success. She guides clients through a process of self-discovery and goal achievement.


It can play an intricate role in the success of an event. Monica A. Swayne is an experienced platform speaker who seeks to empower, impact, and inspire her audience. When she stands, Monica brings value to the event.


Monica Swayne's half or full day seminars & workshops afford opportunities for individuals and/or organizations to discover, and apply techniques for success. She adds value by engaging the audience.

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